I hired Rachel after I was dreadfully sick all winter, to help me learn about food, to eat healthy, and to strive for my optimal health. (I think Rachel’s real title should be nutritional therapist, because truly that is what she was to me.) The last few months have been a roller coaster. I have (not always so easily) learned to make much smarter choices with my food. My rosacea looks better, my energy is up and my insomnia is way down. Except there was one benefit to all this green eating that I wasn’t seeing. I wasn’t losing those dreaded 5-10 pounds that was part of my true motivation to start eating healthier. Ok, it wasn’t my ONLY motivation… but for years, YEARS, those 5-10 pounds have been the demise of me. So I told Rachel 2 weeks ago that I was upset that I wasn’t an ounce thinner than I was when we started our journey together. Even though I FEEL great, I still am beating myself up over what I SEE.

Her response… “Jen, WHAT IF you just let go of those 5 pounds, what would happen?” Truth is, I didn’t know. It never even occurred to me that I could let go of it. If I let go of it, what will be my motivation to lose it? It was kind of a mind warp for me. After that session and some instructions from Rachel, I promised myself to let go of the 5 pounds. I promised to put my energy into being good to myself. Going to the gym, making juice and to STOP weighing myself. I am too strong to let a scale determine my day.

It’s been a bunch of weeks since I made this commitment. I can’t tell you how good it feels. It’s like a while new life. I am no longer a prisoner in my own flesh. I never realized how exhausting it is to put so much energy into something so negative. I have even more energy to spare now. I am lighter and more confident and just so so ready for this new way of life.

Thank you Rachel, for asking me “What if…”. It allowed me to do something that I thought was impossible. Love myself.- Jen R., Long Island


When I began my six month program my goals were to drop a few pounds (which has been a lifelong struggle), learn to exercise more often (something I hated) and generally improve my health through better eating habits. I had no idea how vital this program would become to me. Two months into working with Rachel – doing well, changing bad habits and feeling pretty proud - I was diagnosed with breast cancer. With Rachel’s guidance and skill I learned what foods and supplements I needed in order to keep my strength at maximum levels. I am certain that I coped with my treatments and surgeries as well as I did because of this program and it’s health benefits. I did lose those pounds, but this program isn’t about what I lost. It’s about what I gained. I gained the ability to make smart food choices every day almost effortlessly and include exercise as a part of my lifestyle - for the rest of my life. Rachel’s support, wisdom and intuitive understanding of the difficulties of illness were as important to my regaining my health as any of the other aspect of my cancer treatment. I’m cancer free and I plan to be around a very long time, in optimum health! –SV, Long Island NY


I needed this as I have been struggling with a disease that in addition to muscle weakness causes high levels of fatigue. Every doctor I saw (and I see a lot of them) heard my concerns regarding how much weight I had gained and all dismissed it with the excuse of the side effects of numerous medicines I need to take for the disease. It is impossible to summarize all that I learned and all that changed for me in six months. I am creating something beautiful for myself by making healthy choices and my children, my husband, my family and friends will all benefit by my example.  Not bad for a woman who has a disease without a cure. -KC,Wisconsin 

Rachel is the holistic nutrition guru. She has revolutionized my life, my attitude about food, and she is just amazing. I have been moderately overweight since childhood and my weight has been a long and emotionally-charged issue. Rachel is a gift. Her approach was personalized to my needs, my lifestyle, food preferences and what foods make me feel well. I have changed how I eat, but more importantly, I have changed my relationship with food.- Bev A., NYC

I have been overweight and dieting for over fifty years. Now I am thin, but more importantly I feel great. I now even feel younger. What a blessing when I was starting to feel really old and slowing down. Rachel's focus is full energetic life and health and it became mine. Rachel can get you to healthy life choices, make it seem painless and certainly make it fun.-Rose E., Seaford NY

One of my main goals with Rachel’s group program was to become better educated about food choices, the benefits of eating nutrient-rich foods, and how my body processes them. In each group session I had with Rachel, she provided personalized, detailed, and scientific nutritional information presented in an easily understood format. This is not a quick-fix program for only short-term results – Rachel believes in making smart, doable changes one at a time in order to continually build upon a solid foundation for changes that can be sustained for life. I appreciated her enthusiasm for helping me set realistic and manageable goals. Her anyone-can-do-it approach and positive attitude also helped keep me motivated. She offered solutions that just made sense which in turn, produced the exact results I was looking for: setting a foundation for a healthier, happier me! I also lost 8 lbs during this program, which was not a direct goal of mine, but it sure was a nice “side effect” from the program!-Carrie Monson, The NY Palace Hotel

I wanted to let you know that I am doing so great! I am down to my goal weight. I feel that I am eating the healthiest I have ever eaten, but most importantly I am balancing everything all together. I now feel immediately when something isn't right for me and it prevents me from eating it again later. Thank you for all your help and guidance!-Kristin D, Los Angeles, CA
We can't say thank you enough! This has been such a wonderful experience for us. You have taught us so much and we are looking forward to many years of our new and improved, re-newed selves. Thank you again!-Jenny & Kevin, NYC

Rachel is a wealth of holistic health information coupled with sincerity and empathy for her client's specific health challenges. She is open minded and brings a fresh approach to all that she becomes involved in. I would highly recommend Rachel.-Margaret R., NYC

You are such a good therapist- you let me know what tools I need to carry on this journey, but you are also genuinely interested in what your clients are experiencing and your concern and hopefulness are very touching. Your guidance has been invaluable. I really can't thank you enough.-DW, NYC

Working with Rachel was exactly what I needed to kick-start my weight loss goals.  After completing the three sessions and ten day cleanse, my mind is in the right place to make smarter food choices.  The cleanse was a great way to help me to eliminate the unhealthy foods I kept eating, and as a result, I feel better, have more energy, and have my self confidence back! - Julie R, Brooklyn NY

I can't begin to express how much Rachel's program has changed me. So much of the knowledge learned was not just facts; it is knowledge that is lived, easily, each day. Having been a junkfood vegan for years, I now eat my veggies and grains. Needless to say the changes in my health and vitality have been amazing, not the least of which is an absence of severe stomach pains that had plagued me every month for the last six years. Rachel taught me the importance of nourishing myself through food, but also nourishing other aspects of my life, be it through healing relationships, learning to say "No", or the sense of empowerment that comes from setting goals and working towards them. I highly recommend this program to anyone who feels like they are on the verge of something great but needs a friendly push and knowledgeable advice.- ES,Queens NY 

Thank you a million times for the insight and help you have been to me. You have a gift for intuitively understanding food and the emotional and physical affects it has on the mind and body. I have made a lot of progress as a result of your coaching.-PA, Wisconsin